Basic principle

  1. Conventional format is a starting point of communication.
  2. Clearness is a minimum criterion for communication.
  3. Try to excess the receivers' expectation.

Check list for preparation

  1. Purpose of communication
  2. Receiver's expectation
  3. Organization of topics
  4. Style of communication
  5. Channel of delivery
  6. Design of document
  7. Timing of communication

Check list for structure



Document format (Memo, Letter, Report, Proposal)

  1. Opening (Purpose, Sender, Blue print)
  2. Middle
  3. Closing

* Topic sentence E. Summary or category of paragraph

* Transition sign E.. "I will explain three points."

* Parallelism EE Titles, bullets, topic sentences should be all parallel.


  1. Use enough space to make a document readable.
  2. Improve skim value (by titles, paragraphs)
  3. Think of your audience as a child.
  4. Explain how you understand.
  5. Think of your boss as your customer.


1. Communication helps to solve problems by grasping the other person's thought.

2. Showing how much you spend is one of effective criteria.