Marketing Channel Management

1. Distribution & strategy

2. Channel length

3. Distribution intensity

4. Multiple channels

5. Franchising

6. Legal issue

7. EDI

8. Internet

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Manufacture ® Wholesalers ® Retailers ® Consumers

Manufacture ® Retailers ® Consumers

Manufacture ® Consumers

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Manufacturer: Quality & Target

Channel Practice: Coordination efforts & Retailer Support

Retailer requirements: Contractual restriction & Retailer involvement

Variables: Distributors, Multi channels & Brand sales volumes

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 Channel conflicts

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Contractual vertical distribution channel

Exclusive territory arrangement


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Gray market

Market: Uncertainty, Volatility, Customer heterogeneity

Price/Distribution: Mass Marketing, Price umbrella, Volume discount, Return policy

Supply: Glut /Shortage

Typical cases:

Within a market: Channel flow diversion, Bootlegging

Across a market: Parallel importation, Reimportation


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